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the original project


adaptations.  writing.  idea and concept.  creative collaboration.  outlines for story or theme.  event coordinator for screenings. personal experiences.  motivating pieces for social change.  evoking emotional response.  

inform.  share.  expose.

short film and video

devil doing needlepoint

the drags

dead sunshine exalted


the courier

olympic drinking


birth story concepts 

doula-based labor support.  photography or digital media formats.


capture and create a "collage" of specific moments

the birth story concept

baby and mother photographs

birth day projects: for family, for baby, or for mother

medical documentation



custom built projects

ashes to ashes (oregon state hospital)

control: a documentary

dead sunshine exalted

atomic television

experimental media

polaroid, 8mm film, mixed digital media, 16mm film, slides, negative


manipulation and affect for projection

found and archived footage pieces

short edits for music and events

creative nonfiction

moving image poetry

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Ashes 1.jpg
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