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local.  elevated.  seasonal.  enjoyable.  homemade.  exclusive.  


we love food.  our passion and commitment to food makes each bite taste better.  that taste doesn't come in single serve cups and it doesn't come out of a package, wrapper, microwave, or walmart.  we strive to fill the belly, surprise the senses, and share in the experiences that bring us all together. 

craft service.

services and menu options are available for cast and crew productions including:

commercial, television, film, digital media, independent, low budget, and school projects.


the basics:

  • remote locations, long-distance driving

  • studio, stage, shop with utility appliances

  • pubic space, government required permit sites, special access areas 

  • self-contained work kitchen, travel to multiple locations, tented meal-service

  • prep and production day rates are variable to meet production requirements


the difference:

  • hot and warm menu items (breakfast, small plates, hand to mouth, meal supplement)

  • homemade, handmade, time-honored tradition, wild harvested, one-of-a-kind

  • innovative and unique flavor combinations, special food needs and requests

  • commitment to procure and serve from local sources directly as much as possible

  • low-impact services (recycle, repurpose, compost, natural supply)

  • customized original menus created for each production's need and budget

  • grab and go snacks, healthy options, abundant and resourceful 



family-style meals, seasonal food bar

hors d'oeuvres, themed menus, and small plates


  • small local business meetings

  • media production

  • private parties

  • venue and community events

  • youth organizatios

  • corprate events

  • outdoor picnics and invitational dinners

  • farm to fork gatherings


friendly and knowledgeable.  


the skills:

  • event coordinator available

  • hosting and serving options for an event

  • consulting for layout, setup, or display for an event

  • resources for locally made and produced items


the drinks:

  • event solutions for any age

  • unique drink menus

  • handmade alcohol infusions

  • creative service

  • permitting and facilitating for alcohol service

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