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late bloomer productions



great local flavors, unique to portland 

easy-going attitudes, trend-setting flare

small-town work ethic, big-city thinking

innovation with heart, and lovely weather .



no project too small, no brand too big, no idea too dark, no spark too bright.  we don't discriminate and have an open door policy to the world of creative connections.



everyone you work with at l.b.p. has a real-world drive for success and resourcefulness, motivated by pure passion.  and served up with a smile. we do what we love.



make the food, the proposal, the project, the event, the brand, the idea

an extraordinary success with a TRADITIONAL feel that is both accessible and appreciated by clients, family, employees, the public.

BW Barn and Snow.jpg
2008 041.jpg
2008 004.jpg
MT Winter Solarized.jpg
Tree with Dew Saturate.jpg
Chain on Mountain.jpg
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