craft based in portland, but

we will travel to serve you.


  oregon, washington, california

new york, montana, idaho, colorado

*destination cities or remote locations*

sample list of menu items:

  roasted delicata squash with goat cheese and green grape

  toast with chevre, huckleberries, and red serrano soaked in lemon

  small sweet peppers stuffed with corn relish

  handmade chicken sausage with slice of red-fleshed apple

  cracker with arugula, pickled quince, with coarse black pepper

  artisan sausage, biscuit tray with relish medley

  white cheddar on crostini with cherry bomb pepper relish

  fire-roasted cracker with cherry tomato and pickled fiddlehead

  spiced meat tray with mustard fruit

  grilled peaches with cream and cactus leaves


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